Welcome to Airheads Mobility Mornings!

These 90-minute monthly sessions led by our talented team of Engineers will update you on the latest developments in our Intelligent Edge Portfolio.

We hope to see you every month!

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All sessions 9:30 – 11am

MAY – Wednesday 16th
Getting the most out of Aruba Presales Resources
There are many great resources available to our partners that make demonstrating Aruba easy. Whether it's ClearPass, switching or WLAN, most just need your partner portal login. We will cover these in this month’s update and include all of the other tools at your disposal.
JUNE – Wednesday 20th
What to Expect from a Location Services Network
Aruba has integrated location services into its WLAN solutions but many customers are still not taking advantage of this capability. This session will provide an update on the how best to do this and discuss the right use cases and tools available.
JULY – Wednesday 18th
Airwave and Central
Aruba provides both on-premises (Airwave) and Cloud (Central) management options for Mobile-First - but which is best for your application? We will discuss when to choose each one, and an update on the latest features of each option.