Welcome to Airheads Mobility Mornings!

These 90-minute monthly sessions led by our talented team of Engineers will update you on the latest developments in our Intelligent Edge Portfolio.

We hope to see you every month!

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Canberra | Perth

Canberra 9:30-11:00am
All other cities 8:30-10:00am

AUGUST – The Aruba Security Portfolio

Wednesday 15th (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth)
Wednesday 22nd (Brisbane)

The Aruba security portfolio contains two core components - ClearPass and IntroSpect. ClearPass is Aruba’s leading next generation policy-driven network access control platform. IntroSpect is Aruba’s new UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) solution. This session will introduce you to IntroSpect, plus provide you with an update on the latest ClearPass release, new features and a glimpse into the near-term roadmap.
SEPTEMBER – Aruba’s new SD Branch solution

Wednesday 19th (All cities)

Aruba has recently entered the SD WAN market with the release of its SD Branch solution. More than just a WAN-orientated offering, SD branch allows all of the branch operations (wireless, wired, security and policy-based access control) to be fully software defined via Aruba Central. Join us in September to learn all about this new Aruba solution.
OCTOBER - Colourless Ports and Dynamic Segmentation

Wednesday 17th (All cities)

Building on the advanced per user role-based access controls available in Aruba’s WLAN solutions, Dynamic Segmentation and Colourless Ports extend this to the wired domain on ArubaOS switches. This update will explain how these unique Aruba capabilities allow for a simpler and more secure wired deployment. When used with Aruba WLANs they allow our users to build a unified policy-driven wired and wireless environment.
NOVEMBER - 802.11ax

Tuesday 20th (Canberra)
Wednesday 21st (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)

The new 802.11ax standard is just about here. With some consumer based 11ax access points already on sale, we will start to see some enterprises deploy 802.11ax in 2019. In our last Airheads Mobility Mornings for 2018 we will tell you all you need to know about the new standard and discuss the 802.11ax products you will see from Aruba.