Clearpass Essentials

(8 hours)

This technical session aims to build a deeper understanding of the features offered by ClearPass. Designed as a "Watch and Learn" session, topics covered will include: wired profiling on ClearPass, Implemented Wired Guest authentication workflow, using ClearPass identity store with dynamic user roles and ClearPass exchange capabilities. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions as if they were receiving “on the job” technical training. No prerequisite required. 

  1. Basic Features (standard introductory course):
    • White board some sample authentication workflow
    • Configure switch for dot1x
    • Wired dot1x using AD as identity store, different roles based on device
    • Wireless dot1x with onboard
    • Wireless Guest
  2.  Advanced Features
    • Wired profiling on ClearPass
    • Implement Wired Guest auth workflow on ClearPass using ClearPass identity store with dynamic user role
    • ClearPass exchange setup - including boxcar / pushover / palo alto with ingress engine etc.

Spaces are very limited. Lunch will be served.